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Baked Chicken Breast served over Paella
If you want to go strictly gourmet, we can do that as well!

Price: Starting at $9.00 per person
BJ Foods Cuisine Menu
Our chefs prepare every dish with care to ensure our customers enjoy the best dining experience possible. Casual, everyday style food made from fresh ingredients from local farms makes our menu reminiscent of Mom's home cooking. Our Ethnic Foods Cuisines of American Gourmet, Modern, and Soul, California Fresh, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Indian & African (Nigeria, Ghana, & Ethiopia), Mediterranean, Persian & other Middle East regions, Italian, Mexican & Peruvian, German & Greek, Thai, Trinidad & Jamaica.
Khoresh Bademjan
This is a tasty Persian Stew cooked with Lamb & Eggplant served with Basmati Rice. We also have other stews from Africa, Carribean, Indian curries, etc.  

Price: Starting at $12.00 per person
Fresh Rosemary Chicken Salad
We feature great lunch Items like this one, served on croussant or your bread of choice with sides like herbal red potatoes and Mixed Green Salad.

Price: Variety Lunches start at $5.50 per person
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